101 in 1001

101 things in 1001 days

I love lists! So, when I stumbled across Cat Cantrell’s blog, Perpetual Perfection, and her bucket list (inspired by Design Darling) of 101 things to do in 1001 days, it motivated me to start my own as well.

Start date: April 7, 2014

End date: January 15, 2017


2. Unplug completely for 24 hours.

3. Go to bed every night at 10:00 p.m. for two weeks.

4. Donate blood.

5. Find out my blood type.

6. Grow my own mini garden.

7. Move out.

8. Adopt a puppy.

9. Keep a journal for a week.

10. Decorate my own apartment.

11. Donate my hair to Locks of Love.

12. Wake up at 5 a.m. every day for a week.

13. Organize all of my important documents.


14. Redesign my blog

15. Learn Photoshop and take Blogshop.

16. Blog twice a week for a month.

17. Get a promotion

18. Make a group of blogger friends.

Family and Friends

19. Visit one of my best friends in Phoenix.

20. Organize a date night for my parents

21. Plan a weekend family getaway.

22. Take my parents to a Texas football game.

23. Throw a holiday party.

24. Send someone flowers just because.

25. Buy my parents and brother a


26. Visit Marfa, TX.

27. Go to SXSW – besides the music part.

28. Try 10 new restaurants in Dallas

29. Visit 3 museums in Dallas.

30. Float the river.

31. Go to the Trail of Lights in Austin.

32. Go on a Texas roadtrip.

33. Visit my grandma in Mexico.

34. Go to Fiesta in San Antonio.

35. Take a tour of Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner.

36. Tour the wineries in Fredricksburg.

37. Have dinner at the Reunion Tower.

38. Spend a weekend exploring DFW.


39. Travel to a new state.

40. Travel to a new country.

41. Go to Vegas.

42. Take a trip with my mom.

43. Volunteer abroad.

44. Swim with dolphins.

45. Go skiing.

46. Go on a cruise.

47. Go camping.


48. Set a budget and stay on it for at least a year.

49. Put $10 in a savings account for every item I cross off this list.

50. Pay off my credit card.

Health and Fitness

51. Run a mile in less than 10 min.

52. Run a marathon.

53. Attend a barre class.

54. Workout every day for 30 days.

55. Go hiking.

56. Try the paleo diet for a week.

57. Go a month without eating fast food.

58. Go vegetarian for a week.

59. Do yoga stretches everyday for a week.

60. Get a massage.

61. Participate in the Color Run.

62. Participate in Tough Mudder or similar race.

63. Try a juice cleanse.

64. Have a daily skincare routine and stick to it.


65. Buy a DSLR camera.

66. Purchase a good work bag.

67. Invest in a good pair of work shoes.

68. Invest in living room furniture.

Giving Back

69. Volunteer at a women’s shelter.

70. Buy coffee for a stranger.

71. Leave a 100% tip.


72. Take a cooking class.

73. Read 5 biographies.

74. Learn how to make a margarita.

75. Take a pottery class.

76. Learn how to start a fireplace.

77. Take a free online class.

78. Learn how to use DSLR camera.


79. Knit a scarf.

80. Learn to use a sewing machine.

81. Complete 10 DIY projects from Pinterest.

82. Design an invitation for someone.

83. Create an inspiration board.

84. Create my own piece of art.

Just for Fun

85. Be a part of a book club.

86. Go to a Cowboys game.

87. Find my perfect shade of red/pink lipstick.

88. Throw a surprise party.

89. Have my palm read.

90. Gamble at a casino.

91. Go on a picnic.

92. Have a spa day.

93. Buy fresh flowers every week for a month.

94. Buy a real Christmas tree.

95. Have a dinner party.

96. Go zip lining.

97. Style my hair differently every day for a week.

98. Watch all movies on my movie list.

99. Send a message in a bottle

100. Build a gingerbread house.

101. Complete everything on this list.



2 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Wow that is quite the comprehensive list! Good for you. Run a marathon jumped out for me as that was recently ticked off my list. Very hard but oh so exhilarating to complete. Best of luck to you!

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